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Reiki Treatment

I practice traditional Usui Reiki. I also have good natural energy, and I use channeling. I give 1 on 1 treatments, when possible, but often distance treatments. All my customers have different experiences during a session, so it`s impossible to suggest the experience or the outcome for you or anyone else. 

I got my Reiki education from a Norwegian well reputed Reiki Master. I also have some other smaller studies and courses. I took a course on working as a medium last summer, a great help to understand the spiritual world. I also try to keep an open mind, and to network with a variety of spiritual workers. 

As you may have noticed, there`s no “price list” on this page. The investment in a Reiki Session is a part of the total energy exchange between the Reiki practitioner and the client. It is a private matter between the two. I have a “money-back-guarantee”, so if you feel that the session was a waste of time and money, you just tell me. 

As for all kinds of treatments, sports and so on. If you are under medical treatment, medication or you`re just in doubt about having a Reiki treatment, ask your doctor of device on forehand.

At last, some sentences from communication with one of my clients, before and after a distance session:

“Hello! I suffer from bad headaches these days. Could you give me a distance healing?”

“Thank you for the healing session. I Haven`t had headaches today, and I really appreciate this, and you. A thousand thanks.”


Inner peace and wellbeing

We are on a beautiful life journey, and we invite you to join us. 
With a broad social experience, and qualified Yoga- and Reiki education, we are at your service. 
Life is beautiful right here and now. Are we able to activate our inner energy, to set into motion our inner power?